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Meet Our Local Growers

Due the rich soil and good climate this entire region has excellent growing potential for most crops. We also have local farmers and businesses who make their own food and goods from these crops.


Farm Fresh

Eggs and Chicken, beef and pork, cheese, milk and a variety of dairy products are just a few of the items produced locally.

This region is famous for many things, not just gold and the Country Music Muster, we are also a diverse community with many talented farmers, musicians, potters, weavers, painters and we want to share it all with our visitors. Come and explore the Mary Valley and all hers wonders.

Fresh Ingredients = Tasty Meals

Good health and enjoyment of the food you eat starts with fesh produce.

Fresh Fruit

Limes, lemons and other fruits, like mangoes, custard apples, figs, strawberries, rosellas and many others are available from our local markets and fruit and veggies stores.


Avocados are a favourite with everybody and they are back in fashion now we now they are full of the goods oils and fats. We have several varieties growing here and when in season, you often see them for sale along the roadside.


Kenilworth Cheese Factory is locally owned and run and produces a huge variety of excellet products for you to sample and buy.

Their products are often used by our local cafes and restaurants.

Their Halloumi is a particalar favourite with the locals.


Our climate is excellent for macadamias and we grown them in abundance. In fact we supply a large protion of the export market.

Fresh raw nuts or lightly seasoned and with delicious flavours such as cinamin, honey, lime salt, chilli, smoked etc.


We have a couple of local pig farmers and their bacon is amazing. Smoky and juicy and so full of flavour. Used by restaurants and cafes and available for purchase from local butchers and grocery stores.

Beef and Chicken Thighs

Beef and dairy cows graze everywhere throughout the region, as do our free range pigs and chickens.

You can buy from local butchers and grocery stores and sometimes direct from the farmer when buying in bulk.